Tasting The Rainbow: Video Of Colorblind People Seeing All Colors For First Time Thanks To Special Glasses

March 26, 2015


This is a heartwarming video of several colorblind people experiencing the full spectrum for the first time thanks to a pair of corrective glasses developed by EnChroma. You know, I had a colorblind roommate in college. You could never send him to go get condiments in the cafeteria because you'd ask for ketchup and he'd come back with mustard or relish. His name was Porterhouse Pete. Porterhouse was the name we gave his alter-ego for when he got drunk, because when he got drunk he went nuts. One time he got so drunk he peed on the outside of my bedroom door thinking he was in the bathroom. I heard a funny noise and noticed liquid seeping underneath so I got up and tore open the door open, and there's Pete, penis in hand, peeing on my feet and trying to figure out how I could have possibly be standing behind the toilet.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Laura F, who can see clearly now the rain is gone. RAIN BLINDNESS, IT'S REAL.

  • Neros_downfall

    I'd go 50 shades of grey on her

  • AmselZephlyn

    I don't get how these work, because I thought colorblindness was in the rods and cones, but that is awesome that they've been developing something like this. The video is kind of awful though: "Hey, wanna see what you guys are missing? Isn't it beautiful? Okay now take them off and give them back, see you."

  • Jarrod Currin

    and now i'm supposed to buy paint.

  • Elf

    Even if these can help me i still won't give a crap what color that damned dress is.

  • We should see contacts that do this in the near future. It awesome. But probably the news will be more interested to report the newest fast food or just scare people into buying shit.


    Gr8 comment m8 keep it up very gd social commentary u rely skewered the media with tht wry insight 1000 thubs up

  • Bling Nye


    Oh.... wait, I thought it was allowing people that don't see the color of people's skin to see who's black/white/yellow/red/purple/whatever................nevermind.

  • asdfasdf

    i want to buy racist glasses, tell me you're working on the technology

  • Bling Nye

    Testing in progress.


  • Jenness

    I made it right up to the point the guy was looking through his son's pictures...game over...bawled...didn't stop. Man this is so awesome, bless the people who think of these things to help others

  • timeiskey

    they look like paid actors to me

  • Jason Christopher


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  • xjrokee

    Dude you should bring your new Toyota over and we can take it off some sweet jumps and pop some righteous wheelies

  • Jeremy Sandlin

    Was expecting a video of Porterhouse Pete peeing on your feet.

  • KeKyKo

    But in true color :P

  • Wilf Smith

    That's amazing, what a great project. I wonder whether they see the "real"* colors with the glasses on, or whether it splits it into colors they can already see.

    *Real colors being how can you ever be sure that what I see as blue is what you experience as blue - maybe everyone's favorite color is red, but what I experience as red you experience as blue.

  • Konstantin

    It's real color, with a caveat. If a person with normal color vision puts on these glasses, they'll still see red as red and greed as green. And that's the same thing somebody with most types of color deficiency would see with these glasses. However, there are some colors that will look different with these on. The reason for that is the filters used. For most people with color deficient vision, there is still some differentiation between colors. These glasses take out the part of the spectrum where there is greatest overlap, so that the difference between colors in the remaining light is much stronger. This makes it much easier to tell the difference between green and red, for example, but will greatly attenuate certain shades of yellow, making them look kind of gray.

    Fortunately, most of our technology today is based around the RGB of computer screens and CMY of the print media, and that's where these glasses will have the most impact. With these glasses on, most people with color deficiency in vision (~80%) will see the same colors on the computer screen as someone with normal color vision would.

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