Tasting The Rainbow: Video Of Colorblind People Seeing All Colors For First Time Thanks To Special Glasses

March 26, 2015


This is a heartwarming video of several colorblind people experiencing the full spectrum for the first time thanks to a pair of corrective glasses developed by EnChroma. You know, I had a colorblind roommate in college. You could never send him to go get condiments in the cafeteria because you'd ask for ketchup and he'd come back with mustard or relish. His name was Porterhouse Pete. Porterhouse was the name we gave his alter-ego for when he got drunk, because when he got drunk he went nuts. One time he got so drunk he peed on the outside of my bedroom door thinking he was in the bathroom. I heard a funny noise and noticed liquid seeping underneath so I got up and tore open the door open, and there's Pete, penis in hand, peeing on my feet and trying to figure out how I could have possibly be standing behind the toilet.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Laura F, who can see clearly now the rain is gone. RAIN BLINDNESS, IT'S REAL.

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