T-1000's: Scientists Create Self-Powered Liquid Metal

March 11, 2015


In great news for people who have always dreamed of dying in the hands of cold metal robots, scientists have successfully created self-powered liquid metal. The metal, which is a combination of gallium, tin and indium, can propel itself when in contact with a piece of aluminum and placed in a solution of sodium hydroxide. Obviously, probably not ideal living conditions for a T-1000, but that's the thing about Terminators -- they're ADAPTABLE. Humans? Humans are the opposite of adaptable. The internet goes out for an hour and people have absolutely no clue what the hell to do with themselves.

Keep going for a video of the little Terminators in action.

Thanks to Sarah Conner, who I trust will do everything in her power to help lead humanity to victory against the robots.

  • o0THX11380o

    Knives, and stabbing weapons.

  • Andrew Newton

    yes, but does it dance if you put it in a toaster and play music? Definitely want to see this control the Statue of Liberty while Jackie Wilson's Higher and Higher plays.

  • Stannis

    I guess because of copyright issues they couldn't use the terminator theme.

  • CDW in PC
  • At about 1:40 they said it... Run for the hills..!

  • Adam

    I was waiting for it to take human form and start boning to that music.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Mimetic Polyalloy

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