Star Trek Online Pays Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

March 6, 2015


Note: Worthwhile full-res versions of both memorials HERE and HERE.

MMORPG Star Trek Online has payed tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy with two new in-game status, one on Vulcan, and the other on New Romulus. Obviously, I will take a pilgrimage to both locations this weekend and openly weep into my keyboard.

Nimoy provided voice work for the game not just as Spock, but as a narrator as well, providing a small description of a new region of space whenever a player entered it for the first time.

I think I'm going to tape my fingers together into Vulcan salutes and rock them proudly all weekend. Or get frustrated trying to hold a beer and take them off ten minutes into happy hour this afternoon. Still, it's the thought that counts. Rest in peace, Leonard.

Keep going for a video of Nimoy providing some voicework for the game.



Thanks to Jessica E, who informed me she's watched all Star Trek movies in the last week, including The Wrath of Khan twice.

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