Space Beer: Beer Brewed With Yeast That's Been To Space

March 19, 2015


Ground Control is an imperial stout brewed by the Ninkasi Brewing Company in Oregon with yeast they sent into space. Cool, but I'm not a bigimperial stout fan. I like the beer that tastes like liquor. Actually, I just like liquor. Liquor? But I barely even know her! If you cared you would come kill me.

The first batch of yeast the company sent into space last July ended up lost in the desert after it returned to Earth, but in October, six vials successfully traveled into space and back.

Ahahahhahaha, they lost the first batch of yeast they sent into space. Maybe that's why you shouldn't launch things into space AFTER YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING. Could you imagine if all of NASA had been drunk when we were trying to land a man on the moon? NASA to Apollo 11, come in Apollo 11. "This is Apollo 11, you shot us into the sun, over."

Thanks to chichi, who made a joke about brewing beer on Uranus. I laughed. I'm mature.

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