Solid Experiments: Watch A 50's Housewife Trip On LSD

March 26, 2015


This is a video of psychoactive drug researcher Dr. Sidney Cohen interviewing a 1950's housewife (chosen for her complete "normality") after she takes LSD. Now I'm not saying she has the time of her life, but clearly she does. That doesn't mean you should run out and drop some psychoactives, it just means -- wait, actually I don't know what it means. *calls my old mushroom hookup* Wait, Sydney? Where's Dave? In jail, really? Damn. *hangs up* Don't do drugs, kids.

Keep going for the video of the, "Can't you feel it? Everything is so beautiful and lovely and...and alive."

Thanks to chichi, who informed me the best drugs are clean living and exercise. Wait -- NOT alcohol and weed?!

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