Sleeping In Space: Kid's Spaceship Bed Folds Out Of Wall

March 16, 2015


This is the Spaceship Bed made and sold by Etsy store FableBedworks. It looks kinda like a spaceship and costs $14,000. That price does include some pretty sweet light effects though. Plus the rocket boosters are actually hidden shelving units. Still -- $14,000? You can get the top of the line Sleep Number bed for $10,000 less. What's you sleep number? My number is the floor. Jk jk, my number is 213-555-BONR.

Keep going for several more shots of my dream bed.




  • Jenness

    $14K?! Wow, I'm a lover in general of conspicuous consumption but even I have to say that a bed that paves the way to ambition-destroying self-entitlement and a lifetime of wondering how it's possible to peak at 10yrs old might be better spent.

    Or not, I mean look how well Kim Kardashian and that whole family turned out?

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