Skip This, Go Straight To Dinos: Scientists Make 'Giant Step' In Resurrecting The Woolly Mammoth

March 23, 2015


Scientists at Harvard have successfully reproduced and inserted 14 woolly mammoth genes into an elephant genome, and it have it function without problem. Apparently this is a major step in resurrecting woolly mammoths, which I'm not totally sure why we're resurrecting in the first place. Because we can? They need to resurrect the pet turtle I had as a kid is what they need to do.

A new method known as 'Crispr' - helping scientists make accurate changes to DNA - was used by genetics professor George Church, who replaced parts of elephant DNA with the mammoth genes.

He said: 'We prioritised genes associated with cold resistance including hairiness, ear size, subcutaneous fat and, especially, haemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen around the body).'

'De-extinction' enthusiast Mr Church, who was speaking to The Sunday Times science editor Jonathan Leake, added: 'We now have functioning elephant cells with mammoth DNA in them.'

Interesting. Now I want to resurrect extinct animals as much as the next guy who has erotic dino fantasies nightly, but I can't help but feel a little weary about playing God. I mean, when the dinosaurs started getting too smart and sexy look at what he did to them -- METEOR. Is he going to pitch another one at us? I hope so. I pray for it at night. Plus that the tooth fairy accepts adult teeth and they're worth more than baby ones.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees the should just try reburying one in Pet Sematary.

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