Simply Impassible: Alice In Wonderland Face Doorknob

March 24, 2015


This is the $85 Alice In Wonderland doorknob kit made and sold by Etsy seller propsculptor. It looks like the talking doorknob from the drink me/eat me scene in the movie. I always thought that doorknob was a jerk. And kinda dumb too. Like my roommate. Don't tell him I said that though. I'm kidding, I specifically told you knowing that you would tell him. Also tell him to pick up some more toilet paper on his way home or he can kiss his socks goodbye.

Keep going for several more shots, including one with Darth Vader in the background (they are both Disney properties now).




Thanks to Marianna, who prefers these round doorknobs compared to the handle style because they're harder for pets and raptors to open.

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