Put Down The Phone You Little Jerks: Dashcam Footage Reveals Distracted Driving Cause 60% Of Teen Accidents

March 27, 2015


This is two-and-a-half minutes of dashcam footage released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealing that distracted driving is the cause of nearly 6 out of 10 "moderate to severe" teenage accidents. The other 4 out of 10 moderate to severe teenage accidents? Knocking your girlfriend up BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WEAR A RUBBER. The video is pretty enraging. Distracted driving isn't just a teenage epidemic though, adults do it too. I can watch traffic from my balcony and I'd say about 35% of drivers are texting at any given time. Another 15% are eating (I've seen people eating cereal and noodles with chopsticks out of a take-out box), 8% are picking their nose, 5% are applying makeup, and there's at least one disgusting f***er cutting his toenails and letting the clippings just fall where they may.

Keep going for the video of everyone's first reaction being to slam the wheel in the opposite direction as hard and fast as you can. Also, go check out our video site Hedonistica for more of the latest internet videos. *drawing hidden cane sword* DO IT OR DIE.

  • CerebralZombie

    It's true and no one should ever drive while testing, but I will say I'm able to walk down a side walk, texting, never looking up, while maneuvering around telephone poles/ect and stopping at every cross.

    The real issue is that there are many oldish and mid-aged drivers that try to drive and text, yet weren't raised like the generation nowadays. My Mom actually brought this up and agrees. She sees way more "Older" folks driving like shit and crashing due to texting. Maybe we don't see many young drivers, but I haven't seen one driving poorly while texting.

    I shouldn't compare walking to driving, but I'm 24 and have the skill of double tasking, so wouldn't the generation below me be even better? Maybe it's the video games I play as that heightens many things. Peripherals, mapping out locations/directions, ect.

    Either way, I will never text and drive, nor would I care to. I wasn't raised with cell phones n' all that jazz.

  • ciccio bomba

    18 years old is too damn early to get a license.

  • Hermitish

    The girl at 1:10(ish) looks to be taking it in her stride though, either she is a cool customer or that car has been off-roading before

  • Xockszky

    I hate it when idiots text and drive. Why should I have to suffer an accident because some moron texts and drives? Put your damn phone down for 5 seconds!

  • 999999999999999999999999999999

    And for some reason people are against self driving cars.

  • Cadaver Bob

    The amount of overcorrecting in these videos is staggering.

    Left, right, LEFT, RIGHT, HERE WE GO! Having a REAL accident now!

  • Lily Tylor

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  • Lathaniel

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  • Bling Nye

    The problem is that they aren't completing the sequence with B, A, Select, Start.

    For Power Ups.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    What sequence is that?

    I guess we all know why you haven't ever been able to get 50 lives in Contra!

  • Jason Christopher

    If you were a teen, and someone approached you offering to put a camera in your vehicle to study teen driving habits, why the hell would you continue playing with your damn phone even when you know you're being watched for that very reason?

  • Ollie Williams

    Because teens are idiots.

  • Jason Christopher

    That's right, Ollie *in Tom Tucker voice*

  • mquinoy

    Who is the real culprit here? distraction or terrible music?

    you decide...

  • GeneralDisorder

    Hooray... I'm part of the 8% (yes, I have a compulsion to pick boogers while driving. Don't judge me!)

    On the plus side I don't text and drive but totally voice text and drive and check weather while driving and... check weather while driving on slush... That was one of my prouder moments.

  • Lathaniel

    Why is it only bad if a teen/young adult has an accident while texting though? There have been a few studies that showed this actually happens across a much broader age range, but it seems like it's only an issue when millennials do it.

  • Geekologie

    I referenced that in the article

  • Lathaniel

    That's what I'm agreeing with.

  • catallergy

    A common problem amongst millennials is not reading the articles they are complaining about.

  • Lathaniel

    But I'm not.. complaining about the article?

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