Put Down The Phone You Little Jerks: Dashcam Footage Reveals Distracted Driving Cause 60% Of Teen Accidents

March 27, 2015


This is two-and-a-half minutes of dashcam footage released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealing that distracted driving is the cause of nearly 6 out of 10 "moderate to severe" teenage accidents. The other 4 out of 10 moderate to severe teenage accidents? Knocking your girlfriend up BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WEAR A RUBBER. The video is pretty enraging. Distracted driving isn't just a teenage epidemic though, adults do it too. I can watch traffic from my balcony and I'd say about 35% of drivers are texting at any given time. Another 15% are eating (I've seen people eating cereal and noodles with chopsticks out of a take-out box), 8% are picking their nose, 5% are applying makeup, and there's at least one disgusting f***er cutting his toenails and letting the clippings just fall where they may.

Keep going for the video of everyone's first reaction being to slam the wheel in the opposite direction as hard and fast as you can. Also, go check out our video site Hedonistica for more of the latest internet videos. *drawing hidden cane sword* DO IT OR DIE.

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