Now You See Me, Now You Don't: Anti-Paparazzi Flashback Clothing Reflects Camera Flashes, Ruins Photos

March 2, 2015


The Betabrand Flashback Collection is an anti-paparazzi clothing collection designed by Chris Holmes that's made out of fabrics embedded with glass nanospheres that reflect so much light any photos taken with a flash will be ruined (previously: this anti-paparazzi handbag). Obviously, I just ordered the whole anti-paparazzi suit and plan on photobombing every single photo taken near me from now on. Will I cause a lot of fights? Probably. Will I win those fights? Probably not. Will I get confused and not understand why none of my own selfies ever turn out? Yes.

Hit the jump for several more examples and a video.






Thanks to krom and Neera, who avoid getting their pictures taken the old fashioned way: never leaving the house.

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