Metaphors For Life: Little Ape Repeatedly Pulls Wool Cap Over Her Eyes, Runs Till She Hits Something

March 10, 2015


Aaaaaah, little hairy person in a diaper!

This is a video of Aperil (I see what you did there) the gibbon repeatedly pulling a woolen beanie over her head, then running (technically walking fast) until she hits something. Aperil lives at the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary in Greenwood, Missouri, which sounds like a pretty cool place. This blindly running till you hit something game though -- that sounds like fun. Of course I'm not a gibbon, so I'll have to play the human version: trying to cross the street with my eyes closed. Wish me luck! *closes eyes, runs across street, opens eyes* Whoa, Saint Peter -- what are you doing here? Since when do I live across the street from heaven?

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

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