Mercedes Benz Vision For Self Driving Car Of The Future

March 24, 2015


This are several videos of Mercedes Benz's vision of the future: the F015 concept car. It can drive itself autonomously, has four chairs that can swivel in any direction, a manual steering wheel that folds out Flight Of The Navigator style in case you're really bored of having sex while your car drives itself, lasers, cool light effects, and kinda looks like a confused spaceship. I dunno, whenever I think of a car of the future I think of something a little do I put this? "Able to fly." Wow, you really do have a way with words. You are like the yin to my yang. Jk jk, you are like my mortal enemy, prepare to die.

Keep going for the videos, the first of which strangely features a man trying to cross the road in the middle of the dessert at night (around the 10:00 mark). There are also two more videos after that, including one of an actual build of the model driving around in San Francisco.

Thanks to Insignificant Iguana, who has sent me three tips today from three different names and may or may not be having an identity crisis.

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