Learning By Looking: What Each US State And European Country Are Best And Worst At

March 9, 2015


Note: Larger version of this map HERE, but the rest after the jump should all be legible.

These are some maps created by the folks at Thrillist (links to site with explanations for all of them) featuring what each US state and European country are best and worst at. Did you know Washington state is worst at loving Justin Beiber? I feel like that's a case where being the worst at something isn't actually a bad thing. Like being the worst looking dude in prison.

Keep going for the worst of each US state divided into regions, and the two European maps.







Thanks again to dogs are people too, who, for two tips in one day, wins an no expense paid mid-week vacation. Go on, you've earned it!

  • thepixinator

    How does Nebraska have the most homes with indoor plumbing?

  • Mister Cerberus

    "Most cocaine use"

    The UK is a party town.

  • Juiol

    Super surprising that Netherlands has the highest amount of cyclist deaths...

  • GreyGanado

    That's just because they have much much much much much more cyclists than any of the others.

  • Juiol

    My point exactly

  • MustacheHam

    Most vanity license plates...*thinks*....yeah it's true.

  • disqus_Puhs0ktiPv

    It's true in Poland at least. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Juiol

    You don't have the highest life expectancy, though. So it's probably "a pizza a day..."

  • Some of these best and worst categories seem to be clutching at straws - Least heliports? Least furniture manufacturing? Best at drinking beer? Most work experience with robots?

  • Johnny Bigrig

    North Dakota wins, clearly.

  • kevin

    "Least integrity"
    Hahahaha how do you even measure that using statistics

  • Matthew Nuckles

    Why is disliking Bieber a BAD thing?

  • Johnny Bigrig

    That's the point, they're the worst when it comes to disliking him, meaning they LOVE him.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Nerdiest state was in the bad list too. We can try to guess the kind of person who wrote this.

  • Andyman7714

    I'm guessing Idaho drivers are going into Montana?

  • Guest

    Sweden has 2 things listed on two different pictures....

  • Thinger

    Reading the title of the article might be to your advantage.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Literacy won't stop Captain Obvious!

  • Wilf Smith

    There are some amazing correlations you can pick up from this.

    The most polite state is also the one with the most violent crime. The more polite you are the more violent ? Or is it that confronted with possible violence it's safest to always be polite ?

    Most Frequent exercisers also are the most illicit drug users. Exercising is actually bad for you ? Habit forming ? A gateway lifestyle ??

    And the State with the biggest penises is the least visited. Does that validate the whole it's not how big it is but what you do with it theory...

  • Ed

    I can see that PA isn't spending their casino money to fix the bridges.

  • mr. bigglesworth

    If that were how statistics worked.

  • Wilf Smith

    Correlation does not imply causation. Pfft. News outlets never seem to worry about such things... much more interesting to assume otherwise.

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