Kitchen Counter With Giant Saltwater Aquarium Beneath

March 13, 2015


Because who hasn't dreamed of their kitchen smelling fishy all the time, this is the kitchen counter (complete with sink and stovetop) with a saltwater aquarium beneath, designed and built by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik. The entire counter raises with the push of a button for easy access to the aquarium for maintenance or grabbing a fish to fry. I'm going to stock my kitchen aquarium with shrimp and scallops so I've always got fresh seafood handy. FUN FACT: Did you know lobster tails aren't actually giant shrimp, they're the tails from lobsters? That shit blew me away when I found out.

Keep going for two more shots including one with the counter raised.



Thanks to Brion, who wants a kitchen counter with a giant ant farm underneath. Ahahahhaha, man, my kitchen has tons of ants.

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