Interactive Water Elevation Map Lets You See What It Would Take To Flood Your Town

March 20, 2015


Flood Map is an interactive map you can use to see just what increase in water elevation it would take to flood your town/state/country/world. Apparently it takes a pretty significant increase to flood anything but the coasts, and this map here represents a water elevation of about 400-meters. That is not nearly enough water to reenact Waterworld. If the world does start flooding though you know where I'm going? To the inland side of the Grand Canyon. Then I'll just sit and watch it fill up from the safety of dry land. Maybe I'll even go fishing and catch a shark. Then blast off for the moon in my rocketship and live happily ever after. "Some men just want to watch the world flood." Good one, Alfred -- I see what you did there. Very clever. Batman said you should make me a sandwich.

Thanks to Arrogant Tiger, who is so arrogant he popped all his pool floaties because he thinks he's such a good swimmer.

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