Hoodies With Drawstrings You Can Smoke Weed Out Of

March 5, 2015


VapRwear and Hood HorkerZ are hoodies with drawstrings that serve as vaping/smoking devices. The VapRwear hoodie (~$100, includes vape pen) has a mouthpiece on one end, and connects to a vaporizer on the other (which fits in front pocket and can vape juices, oils and wax -- dry herb model coming soon). The Hood HorkerZ hoodie (~$125) has a glass mouthpiece on one end, and a glass bowl on the other. Both were designed to smoke conveniently and discreetly. Me? I like to smoke as indiscreetly as possible. Gosh, I sure hope there aren't any cops around CAUSE I AM ABOUT TO SMOKE SOME WEED OVER HERE. I'm kidding, I don't even smoke weed. Or do I? Maybe I do. Whatever you think is probably the answer. The wrong answer, so the opposite of that. OR IS IT? I am like an enigma wrapped in a Phillie blunt. "Nobody cares." My parents might!

Keep going for a couple shots of the VapRwear hoodie.



Thanks to PYY, who just invented the same thing but with underwear.

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