German Community Sprays Walls With Hydrophobic Spray So Public Urinators Soak Themselves

March 6, 2015


An anti-public urination activist group functioning in Hamburg, Germany, has started covering walls in the city's party district of St. Pauli with superhydrophobic coatings so would-be pissers end up soaking themselves with their own urine. Man, guys peeing wherever they feel like it is gross. Personally, I only pee in three places: the toilet, my pants, and the bed. But that's just me and I'm mature and don't go peeing on things all willy-nilly. Unless I'm camping, in which it's a free-for-all, and yes, I have peed on bears before.

Keep going for a video about the anti-pissing movement.

Thanks to Lucas, who purposefully pees on friends' couches if he wakes up and finds a penis drawn on his forehead. Hey -- gotta take your shoes off before passing out, bro.

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