Freaky Deaky: Cat Walking While Panoramic Picture Being Taken Creates Centipede Cat

March 27, 2015


This is the attempted panoramic living room shot that Redditor FallenCoffee took while his cat walked across the room. The result? Centipede cat. I thought that Pringles can on the coffee table was a bong at first. It looks like the middle section of that cat is going to need some more legs or it's going to develop back problems. I have back problems. I have front problems too. Hell, I have all the problems. At least everything on WebMD. You know what my doctor told me the last time I went for a checkup? 'What do you want from me?! I'm a doctor not an undertaker.' That's when I tried to kick him but got so weak mid-swing I wound up playing footsie with his balls.

Thanks to Melissa, who agrees somebody should try doing the same thing with a wiener dog for MAXIMUM LENGTH TO LEG RATIO.

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