First Person POV Of Terrifying New 95MPH Roller Coaster w/ 325-Foot, 81-Degree Drop

March 13, 2015


This is a first person point of view video of the new Fury 325, the word's newest and fastest gigacoaster (a roller coaster with a drop between 300 - 399 feet and complete a full circuit) at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ride starts with an 81-degree, 325-foot drop and looks absolutely terrifying. You know, I used to be into roller coasters when I was younger, but now, well, now I just like the swing ride. If I was rich I would have a swing ride installed in my backyard. Then I would invite all my friends over for a party and maybe they'd actually show up for once because now I'm rich and have a swing ride.

HIt the jump for the video, then blow it up fullscreen and pretend you're there and save yourself admission to the park.

Thanks to Chef Brandon, who I'm really hoping will send along a mixed berry crumble with his next tip.

  • iofo61

    Do they sell new underwear in the gift shop?

  • Gordon Freeman

    Besides the "big drop", it's not that interesting. I'd like to see some loops at least.

  • Dysan

    That's what I thought before I rode "Leviathan", which is built by the same company. The speed combined with the freedom of only having a lap bar is amazing. And I bet some of those "little" hills are zero-g hills that are great to sail over. Important note: DO NOT ride this in the rain even a light drizzle, it hurts.

  • nov4cane

    Someone sold all their default scenery to build this monster.

  • Jason Christopher

    Would ride in a heartbeat. Carowinds here I come.

  • Jenness

    Nope. The going up like that terrifies me. I've ridden two w/drops that invert and it's just too "stroke-y" for me to do again.

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