Father/Daughter Team Used $100,000 In LEGO Blocks To Make This Jurassic Park Stop Motion

March 20, 2015


This is a worthwhile 3-minute stop motion LEGO remake of Jurassic Park, made by father/daughter team Paul and Haley Hollingsworth. All the LEGO blocks they used in the film have an estimated value of around $100,000. Damn, able to afford $100K in LEGO bricks AND the free time to make a stop-motion video with your young daughter? Clearly somebody has life figured out.

KEep going for the stop motion and a behind-the-scenes video if you're interested in how it was made. SPOILER: Moving everything just a little, then taking another picture.

Thanks to Melissa S, who was happy to see they included both the t-rex eating the lawyer on the crapper scene, and clever girl.

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