Earl Sinclair From Early 90's 'Dinosaurs' Sitcom Performs The Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Hypnotize'

March 16, 2015


He's even got the red and black lumberjack!

If you haven't already from a link on Facebook is a video of Earl Sinclair from the early 90's sitcom 'Dinosaurs' edited to perform Biggie's 'Hypnotize'. It is basically the reason the internet was invented, besides p0rn and Geekologie and Amazon.

Hit the jump for the video. Then hit the gas and let's try to jump this bridge.

Thanks to my brother SuperFrank, who is both the best and worst brother I've ever had.

  • Nico Horst

    Not the Momma!

  • Kg3

    This is why there are computers and the Internet.

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