Dressing Yourself: Weatherman Realizes He Left Coat Hanger In Suit, Pulls It Out On-Air

March 30, 2015


Because Mondays, amirite?

This is a video of Minneapolis meteorologist/man whose mother should still dress him Steve Frazier realizing he left the wire hangar in his suit, and pulling it out during a live broadcast. It is arguably one of the worst magic tricks I've ever seen. How he didn't realize he had a hanger in his suit earlier is beyond me. Of course, I accidentally put on a pair of boxers once with my roommate still in them, so I probably shouldn't be talking.

Keep going for the video, then go back to bed.

Thanks to CWS, who only wears shirts with the tags and size stickers still attached.

  • How do you get dressed too quickly and leave the hanger in?
    I've never managed to get too quickly and do that - forget to put underwear on, yes; leave the hanger in, no.

  • steve holt

    pics or it didn't happen

  • TheQiwiMan

    Don't judge him, he was out clubbin' all night long, as Meteorologists so often do. ("Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance"- JoCo)

  • asdfasdf

    demo version had a better ending
    "The magic fades as the sun comes up, it's time he goes
    Takes a quick shower and shaves, puts on office clothes
    He hails a cab in the early gray dawn
    He gets to work, turns his microphone on
    And his dulcet tones wake up this city"

    no real reason it couldn't have been tacked on after the terry dance on the final

  • Jenness

    How does this even happen? Notice how he said "gym" and "got dressed too quickly" but I got the feeling this might be more of a "escaping out of someone's bedroom window" story. Oh you horny weathermen! It's probably not even his jacket.

  • Thaddeus Stevens

    After this aired he promptly changed into his mom jeans and white Keds. Classic Minneapolis.

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