Doctors Perform First Successful Penis Transplant

March 18, 2015


Seen here looking like the exact sort of team you'd hope was responsible for stitching your new pecker back on (guy in front right excluded), the doctors who performed the first successful penis transplant pose for a pic. Thankfully, not a dick pic.

The nine-hour operation, carried out by a team of doctors from Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, took place on Dec. 11, 2014, but was not publicly announced until this month while doctors waited to see how the patient would recover.

Now fully convalesced, the hospital says the patient has regained all urinary, reproductive and sexual functions with his new penis. This came as a surprise to doctors, who expected him to take at least two years to recover.

This is only the second time surgeons have attempted such an operation, and the first time it's been successful.

The hospital did not identify the patient but did say the 21-year-old had to have his own penis amputated after he developed severe complications from his circumcision.

So many questions. 1) what's the story behind the other, non-successful penis transplant? 2) where did this penis come from? Is this what I get for checking the organ donor box on my driver's license? 3) What exactly are "severe complications from a circumcision" and how do I know if I have them? 4) can they use the same procedure to hook me up with a bigger penis? 5) What are the chances my body rejects the new penis? 6) because my current penis already gets rejected enough as it is.

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