Clever: Seattle's Water-Activated Street Art And Games

March 27, 2015


These are the Rainworks street art and games created in Seattle using stencils and water-repellant spray. For those of you who were unaware, Seattle is notorious for its rain. Here in Southern California? Not so much. Apparently we're supposed to run out of water in like a year. They made it a law that you have to ASK for water in restaurants or they won't bring it to you. Plus if the police see you wasting water they will shoot you on sight. The last time I tried to take a shower nothing but dust came out. You ever tried scrubbing your balls with dust before? Don't even bother.

Keep going for several more pics and a video.








Thanks to my buddy Michael K, who lives in Seattle and offered me a place to stay when I come to visit and cover the city with my own water-activated penises.

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