I See What You Did There: Clever Kid Uses IKEA Table For Hands-Free Smartphone Viewing

March 3, 2015


Because nothing brings me greater joy than people on the internet asking "Slow news day?", this is a picture of some clever kid using an IKEA table to view his smartphone hands-free. Not bad. At least until you fall asleep and wake up and break that table with your face. You ever broken a table with your face before? It never feels good. You know, I invented my own hands-free smartphone viewer years ago. It's a hat and a piece of duct tape. You just tape the phone hanging from the hat's bill right in front of your eyeballs. See? Plus nobody can see what I'm doing. Am I watching p0rn? You'll never know! *you have the volume on full-blast* Okay, yes I was.

Thanks to Ashley, who agrees they need to make something like earbuds, but for your eyeballs. "They're called goggles." NO THEY'RE NOT, THESE DON'T EXIST YET.

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