Beautifully Minimalistic Video Game Character Posters

March 11, 2015


This is a series of beautifully minimalistic video game posters created by DeviantARTist Noble--6. Me? I am a solid Ignoble--10. This is Metroid here, but there's Halo, Half-Life, Zelda and Super Mario ones after the jump. You know, sometimes I wish I was a better graphic artist. Sadly, I was only gifted with the ability to paint WITH WORDS. "You're not even very good at that." I am bad at everything. When we took that career test in high school to see what sort of careers we might be qualified for and want to pursue, you know what I got? Panhandler's assistant. Basically I should be a cardboard sign.

Keep going for the others.





Thanks to carey, who wants prints of all these so she can have the coolest office in the building. Me? I spend most of my time at work in the last bathroom stall in the men's room.

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