A Watch That Doesn't Tell Time, With Real Ants Inside

March 26, 2015


Please no, "What is this? A watch for ants?!"

First of all, a watch that doesn't tell time isn't a watch, it's a bracelet. Secondly, I'm not convinced the $59 Ant Watch from the Analog Watch Company isn't an early April Fools' joke. It sounds pretty suspect. Thirdly, that GIF looks like you superimposed shots from an ant farm onto a watch. I'm pretty sure they're just collecting email addresses for people who try to pre-order so they can write them later and be like, 'April Fools' --- that watch doesn't exist, but why not buy one of our other, non-ant versions?' I'M ON TO YOU.

The Ant Watch houses 3-5 live harvester ants at a time carried on your wrist in a refillable watch-like enclosure with specially designed shake resistant nesting material.

Each purchase comes with a vial of 5 live ants, sand, a food/water dropper, tweezers, a case opening tool, and simple and easy care guide.

To add the ants to your farm, place tube in refrigerator for 10 minutes to put the ants to sleep - then handle them with tweezers as you move them to their new home.

The ants are fed liquid sugar 1-2 times a month. We've designed a removable crown so you can feed your ants with a specially designed dropper. The ants will live from 4-6 months. All orders come with an automatic 1 year supply of real ants, so we'll ship a new batch to you every 4 months. If you don't need them, you can always set them free!

Still sounds suspect. Although I remember back in the day they made and sold both a water-filled bracelet and necklace pendant you could use to carry your favorite Sea Monkey around at school. I never got one. My Sea Monkeys liked to stay at home on my dresser. I remember I had one Monkey that outlived all the others by almost a whole year. Still, I couldn't help but feel it must have been depressing swimming around all day above the corpses of everyone you've ever known.

Keep going for a couple more shots.





Thanks to ResiDentistEVIL, whose drill you can hear before you see him.

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