A Baby Stroller You Tow Behind You While You Run

March 25, 2015


This is the KidRunner, a baby stroller that is strapped to a special belt and towed behind you as you run. It was designed so parents could run more naturally (swinging their arms) and still be able to safely take their child for a spin instead of hoping they're okay at home in a laundry basket. The KidRunner sits on bike wheels and has a flexible bow that's supposed to help damper movement to the stroller so you kid doesn't throw up on themselves. It should be available for purchase later this year. Still, I can't help but feel that the imagery of your parent constantly trying to run away from you might have some sort of lasting psychological effect on a child.

Keep going for two more shots in case you were wondering what a man digging around in the backseat of his SUV with a KidRunner strapped to him might look like.



Thanks to Rebecca O, who wants a baby stroller that floats behind her on a giant helium-filled balloon as she runs. Smart!

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