30 Seconds Of Closeup Shots From Jurassic Park

March 27, 2015


This is a short video edited by Matt "Roman Holiday" Anderson of a series of closeups from Jurassic Park. I think that by only watching the closeups, you can basically tell the entire story of Jurassic Park, provided you don't expect that story to make any sense whatsoever. Also, why wasn't the t-rex eyeball closeup not included? Was that closeup not close enough? You ever stared into the eye of a t-rex before? Because I have. You know what I saw? My future. Just kidding, I saw eye-crusties because we'd just woken up next to each.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jacob, who informed me you can't ask a t-rex to make you breakfast in bed without hurting their feelings because they know their arms are too short to scramble eggs. Thanks for the heads up.

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