Your Feel Good Story Of The Day: Stan Lee Sends Autistic 8-Year Old A Spider Man Sketch For Birthday

February 24, 2015


After being contacted by one of his own neighbors, Stan Lee sent autistic 8-year old Jamel Hunter an original Spider Man sketch with the caption "Hi Jamel" for his birthday. Good looking, Stan and Jamel, that certainly beats what I got for my 8th birthday. "Which was?" Forgotten to get picked up from school for three hours.

"This was a unique experience," explained Lee. "Corky [Lee's neighbor] called me and said there was a little boy. She wanted a sketch, so I did one."

Lee also quipped, "I'm not known as an artist, which is lucky for the world."

Lee's neighbor then mailed the sketch to a New York Times reporter, who delivered the framed sketch to Jamel in his family's East Harlem apartment.

Heartwarming, isn't it? 92 years old and Stan is still delivering for the children. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jamel, I like your shirt. It's true, anybody CAN be cool, but today -- today you and Stan take the cake. *raising glass of Juicy Juice* Here's to you.

Thanks to Lydia, roberto and HJT, who consistently change the dates of their birthdays on Facebook so friends will constantly write on their walls. Okay you all need help.

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