Video Of Traveling Away From Sun At The Speed Of Light

February 3, 2015


This is 'Riding Light', a video imagining the camera as a ray of light traveling away from the sun towards the planets of the solar system at the speed of light. Feel free to skip around though, because the video is over 43-minutes long (the time it takes for light to reach Jupiter) and it takes over 3 light-minutes to get to the first planet, Mercury, and a little over 8 light-minutes to reach earth. So if the sun blew up right this second, we'd actually SEE it explode about 8 minutes later. My God I wish I could make that happen.

Keep going for the video, but skipping around is the key here.

Thanks to ntgCleaner, who informed me it takes light from the sun almost 5.5-hours to reach Pluto's sad, lonely face.

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