Universal Brawl: Fan Made Star Wars Vs Star Trek Trailer

February 10, 2015


This is a fan-made video using clips from existing films to create a make-believe trailer for a Star Wars Vs. Star Trek movie. Which universe do you think would win? I thought about it for five seconds and decided it wasn't worth thinking about any more. Feel free to express your expert opinion in the comments though, complete with reference links to relevant proof. I will read them all and form my own opinion, which, more than likely, will be 'My God there are a lot of nerds out there.'

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Brion, who voted Star Trek.

  • Rip Parker

    If the extent of knowledge of the way of the Force is to throttle someone at a distance, the Force is a pallor trick only. Knowing the way of the Force means ultimate control over the energetic/material universe as we know it, meaning materialization and DE-materialization of the elements of this universe, including man's puny torpedoes.

  • captaindash


  • Rip Parker

    Exciting as both worlds are, each with it's own genius, Star Wars must win, hands down. Why? It carries the Power of the Force, i.e., the ultimate power of this and all universes, the creative and destructive power out of which all matter and energy arise. In this ultimate confrontation with the Source (the Force), Star Trek becomes a dreamy pastime, like watching a movie just for the distraction. Movies, things wholly dependent upon and confined by material reductionism, are just dreams. Conscious dealing directly with the Source/Force are encounters with final reality.

  • Bad Habit

    The Force can do nothing to combat Transporter technology.

    What good does being able to choke someone at a distance compare to having an armed photon torpedo materialize next to your reactor core?

  • Blake Thompson

    The idea of being able to simply teleport a photon torpedo on board close to a weak point like that has been over and over again explained to not be possible right off the bat. Star wars ships do have shields. even advanced fighter ships have shields. Get that idea out of your heads.

  • Stannis

    I hate when trailers give away the movie. I want to be surprised when I go to the movies. It looks like they gave away the best parts!

  • Paul

    Cylons Vs Borg, nuff said!

  • Blake Thompson

    That would be fun to watch. lol

  • Mike

    nah they would join and become one.

  • Dave

    I vote Star Wars.. by sheer firepower and numbers alone, not to mention the use of the Force and nonsensical Yoda quotes. The real question is, what are they fighting over? The millennia that divide the two made up universes result in completely different motives. What's Lord Vader and the Emperor have against Starfleet? My guess is a better toilet, or perhaps some Romulan ale.

  • Zachary Zarko

    I have to go with Star Trek. They could use a Klingon cloaking device to go anywhere. Then, they could use the transporter to deliver some antimatter explosives right into Palpatine's and Vader's laps.

  • Mike

    All the star wars military ships have shields, except TIE fighters.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Transporters don't work that way. In fact a lot of things block them "Transporter operations have been disrupted or prevented by dense metals (TNG: "Contagion"), solar flares (TNG: "Symbiosis"), and other forms of radiation, including electromagnetic (TNG: "The Enemy"; TNG: "Power Play") and nucleonic (TNG: "Schisms"), and affected by ion storms (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")."

    So the thick armor of the ship would block it and even having people shooting blasters would disrupt it.

  • Petar Posavec

    It really depends on what the hull is made of and how strong the shields are.
    Shields can be penetrated by a sufficiently powerful transporter beam, or better yet, if you find the frequency at which the shields operate, just beam through them as if they aren't there.

    People firing blasters wouldn't affect transporter capabilities.

    SW ships hadn't actually portrayed energy manipulation capabilities like Trek.
    The only thing that might come close are lightsabers... but come on, Trek is mainly oriented towards science and exploration and practical use of technology in the field.
    Plus, phasers can be set to wide-dispersal beams (which quite frankly even the Jedi wouldn't be able to deflect, and their capabilities can be dampened with anti-psionic fields, which Starfleet crews were mentioned as being capable of creating).

    So, I wouldn't be quick to assume that transporters can be easily blocked.
    They were mostly affected by unusual interstellar phenomena AND the crews managed to get them operational under most troublesome circumstances.

  • Gary Guillot

    Looked like "Star Wars vs Star Wars" to me.

  • Bling Nye

    Why is it always Star Wars vs Star Trek? Why not the Galactic Borg Empire vs. the Federated Rebel Alliance?

  • Mitchell Drawing

    Normally I say Star Trek, as they have phasers, warp speed and the most deverse tactical minds to their advantage, however, this is the full Galactic Empire the Federation is fighting; so not just limitless soldiers, ships, star-fighters, weapons and resources, but the most powerful Sith Lord commanders in over a thousand years and the Death Star itself.

    If they bring in Kahn, then I say the Federation, his brilliant mind would give the edge to carve out the Empire's main points of weakest defence. Namely, the singular head; Palpatine and his criminally overlooked thermal exhaust port.

    Vader and his Super Star Destroyer would probably be the toughest to take down in terms of sheer force and dominance, but that's not a whole lot of credit. It's also important to note that without the Enterprise crew spearheading the attack, the Federation's battles of that period are, 10-1, laughable at best.

  • Mike

    Star wars has a massive edge in maneuverability. Hyperdrive is vastly faster than warp drive. Warp 10 is ~1LY per 8 hours. A Class 1 hyper drive is ~300LY per 1 hour. The Millenium falcon has a class 4 hyper drive which would put it at ~35LY per 1 hour. Talk about being out of position when you fleet is in one place their fleet has already taken out all your other planets.

  • Mitchell Drawing

    I was always under the impression that the multiple levels of warp speed made the Trek ships travel faster, but with a quick, and not very thorough check, it appears that warp speed is more useful as a long distance travel method. In terms of combat, the Wars singular hyperdrive component is less likely to take damage, and has quicker access to faster light speeds than the Enterprise (to my limited knowledge). The battle is starting to look less like a friendly rivalry and more like a slaughter.

  • Mike

    If I recall the episode where they did actual warp 10 where it was instantaneous, the crew got turned into lizards or something equally silly. Which would negate Warp 10 as a useful military speed. My calculation was based on how long it was going to take Voyager to get back I think they were at Warp 9.9 something. which was about 1LY/8 hours. I did find one site a long time ago where they calculated warp speed as third power equation. Warp 1 = Light speed, warp 2 = 8x LS, etc to warp 10 or a smidge less as 1000xLS. In Star wars class I can go from the core of their galaxy to the edge in 7 days (~60,000 LY) then each class up is half the speed or something like that.

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