Towels That Look Like Sushi Rolls When Rolled Up

February 26, 2015


These are the Sushi Towels created by designer Jenny Pokryvailo (of Loch Ness Monster soup ladle fame) for Ototo, who better hurry up and produce them before I steal the idea and start selling them myself. When rolled properly, they look like different styles of sushi rolls. What's your favorite sushi? I prefer chūtoro sashimi, but that's just me and I'm classy and have a REFINED PALLET. "You ate out of your trashcan over the weekend." Ahahahahha, did my girlfriend tell you that?!

Keep going for one more saké shot.


Thanks to chichi, who informed me today is National Chili Day, so go get some and let the farting begin! (PROTIP: Wear dark underwear, they hide accidents better).

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