Too Soon: Godzilla Themed Hotel Opening In Tokyo

February 25, 2015


Seen here in embarrassingly poor Photoshop renderings, Hotel Gracery is a soon-to-be-opened Godzilla themed hotel in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward. There will be a full-scale (from the original films) Godzilla head breaking out of the roof, and the rooms will have different Godzilla themes, including a giant Godzilla hand hanging over the beds, Godzilla peeking through your windows, and memorabilia filled bathrooms. Heck yeah, I love a good memorabilia filled bathroom. Back me up, Planet Hollywood! "He has taken many shits here." Haha, heck yeah I have. "But never actually eaten here." Your menu looks disgusting.

Keep going for a bunch more sad renderings.






Thanks to TT, who agrees the best hotels have soundproof walls and no bed bugs.

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