The Music Behind The Worst Album Covers Of All Time

February 5, 2015


WARNING: Some of the album art is graphic (bare boner at 1:38), and the music, for the most part, is f***ing awful. Proceed with caution. Jk jk, proceed with reckless abandon.

This is a 9-minute video featuring some of the worst album covers of all time (as voted by people on the internet, so a bunch of jerks basically), and the music behind them. The majority sound like listening to a train wreck in slow motion. The rest sounds like listening to a train wreck at regular speed, or slightly sped up.

Keep going for the video and regret it almost instantly. Definitely by 1:38.

Thanks to XaNaX, for getting me through the mandatory public speaking course in college.

  • Bad Habit

    1:40 Nigel Pepper Cock's "Fresh White Reboks Kicking your Ass" has GOT to be a collectors item!

  • WTF_Man

    My PUSSY belongs to DADDY!!!!!

  • Far too much nudity - and I never thought I'd say that.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    The title aside, I don't see too much wrong with the album cover at 2:37

  • Frédéric Purenne

    7:58 FOR THE LOVE OF... you might not have any budget, a decent potographer, eyes that look straight or the slightest idea what you're doing in the music business, but at least shave your legs for the photo shoot!

  • netloco

    8:55... ballsy title, yes... bad, no

  • netloco

    6:55... ron burgundy, is that you?

  • netloco

    6:30... when compared to the rest of them, this one's not that bad actually

  • netloco

    i'm seeing an ongoing theme...

  • netloco

    5:42... that is the BEST ALBUM COVER EVER!

  • netloco

    5:20... wasn't he on chappelle's show? if he wasn't, he shoulda been

  • netloco

    4:27... i remember seeing that album in tower records back in theday... and i almost bought it... to fap to... god, being a teenager was fun!

  • nightvisiongoggles

    Isn't 7:13 that dude they were saying was actually Elvis?

    By the way, some of these are actually decent (the music, not the pictures).

  • William Johnston

    Clint Howard, you're not fooling anybody with that Dan Crary pseudonym at 8:14.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that.

  • netloco

    yeah... but he can fuckin play

  • Ollie Williams

    The Tijuana Christmas cover at 8:28 is fucking amazing.

  • JRadickal

    And how did they get Peter Boyle for the cover?

  • Riz

    Shit, Tijuana Christmas is the only one that looks decent... Oh no, what the hell!?

  • AGirlNamedMichael


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