The Main Drain: A Urinal Attachment For At-Home Toilets

February 3, 2015


This is the Kickstarter for the Main Drain, a urinal attachment for at-home toilets. The $45 piece of plastic clamps on to the side of a regular shitter (no tools except your peenor required!) and allows the user to piss with the confidence they're still soaking the floor trying to hold their penis with one hand and text with the other. Personally, I'm not ashamed to admit I always pee sitting down at home. It's more relaxing. Plus it makes peeing like, more of an event. Now if you really want to make sure guys don't hose the floor you need to check out this bad boy -- a VACUUM-POWERED urinal (technically a vacuum powered external catheter). I based it on the technology used by NASA's space toilets. You just stick your penis in the end of the vacuum tube, push the button, and PRESTO: not a drop of urine on the floor. I even made a prototype using the motor from my Dyson but I'm scared to try it because I'm pretty sure it'll suck my balls out.

Keep going for the Kickstarter video with such solid sound bites as, "I found that nine out of ten guys that I talked to wished that they wished they had a urinal in their home. But the sad reality is that less than 1% of them will ever get one."

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