The 'If Barney The Dino Was Scientifically Accurate' Song

February 4, 2015


Note: Video is NSFW on account of a green, 12-foot dino peen at the end of the song around 1:20.

This is a video from FOXADHD featuring a 'Scientifically Accurate' version of Barney the dinosaur. Apparently he wouldn't have been as friendly as the 90's children's show may have led you to believe. Of course any dino-lover like myself already knew this. He was a t-rex -- there's no such thing as a friendly t-rex. A sexy t-rex, absolutely. You know how pubescent boys buy posters of supermodels to hang above their beds and stare at/masturbate to at night? I had a Jurassic Park one. That's when I knew I was different.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Seb and Michael K, who both want to see scientifically accurate Teletubbies.

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