Squire, Ready My Mount: Wildlife Photographer Captures Tree Frog Riding Rhinoceros Beetle

February 18, 2015


These are the (possibly staged) shots taken by Indonesian based wildlife photographer Hendy Mp of a tree frog riding a rhinoceros beetle. They look like they're having a great time, and I'm a little hurt I wasn't invited to bring my finger puppet rodeo clown and join in the fun. Now my finger puppet rodeo clown is sad. Aren't you? *nodding* You know what might make you feel better? What if I let you lasso my penis and tie it to a doorknob? That might be fun, right? Then you could slam the door like you're trying to pull out a loose tooth. No? You just want to play Playstation? Fine, but you better get me some trophies.

Keep going for a bunch more.







Thanks to Rebbecca L, who has always dreamed of riding a giant ant Honey I Shrunk The Kids style, but without the ant dying in a scorpion battle afterwards. I cried.

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