So Painfully Jealous: Family's Backyard Treehouse Castle

February 10, 2015


This is the treehouse castle built for a Hertfordshire, England family by treehouse design and construction firm BlueForest. I am so jealous right now I could spit. *spits* Wait -- is that blood? Quick -- check my back for stab wounds.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this project is that it is not one treehouse, but rather two distinct treetop havens, each with their own unique features.

The fairytale children's tree house features a secret trapdoor leading to a games room. Inside, the room is fully equipped, complete with a plasma television and games console, meaning that the complex is also a great place for the kids to hang out and relax with their friends... and not that bad for the 'adults' either!

The adults' tree house is fully furnished to be a spectacular venue for treetop dinner parties and a large and comfortable living area for entertaining. The adults' retreat also features a kitchen and a toilet, giving the owners the ability to host their guests from start to finish in their impressive treetop venue.

The two treehouses are connected by a dramatic canopy walkway which takes the form of several interconnecting rope bridges that weave between the trees and look out over the beautiful surrounding scenery.

As well as gazing out over the dramatic vistas of the garden, the decks also lead to a raised assault course. An eighty-yard zip wire descends from a crow's nest that sits above a balcony and leads down to an exciting adventure trail.

Wow, it must be nice growing up with filthy rich parents. Or maybe it's horrible. I don't know, I was raised by bears. We didn't have much in the cave -- a dirt floor, a few tree branches, a couple rocks. But you know what? We were happy. Well, Sister Bear wasn't, but she always imagined herself as a princess. You know how many frogs she kissed trying to make her dream come true? Probably hundreds. Plus a good amount of toads (she's not that smart and toads will say just about anything for a smooch).

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the why can't I have that? SPOILER: Too poor.









Thanks to Rebecca T, how has always dreamed of being queen of the forest. SAME.

  • Joe Banks

    Are those horses in that painting ?

  • ODwanKenObi

    coop place for parties for sure, dude.

  • Andrew Newton


  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    I would do live there

  • Andyman7714

    Those things grow you know.

  • angelakrey

    If the tree grows you can cut a larger space for it. If it dies you can build a platform under it. If they can afford a novelty tree house like this they can probably afford the upkeep on it too.

  • GeneralDisorder

    They also die. I gather that it's a semipermanent structure. I think I'd rather have a yurt. I could put it on a pedestal and it wouldn't be quite the same but it would still be pretty sweet.

  • Jenness

    I'd giggle so much if their main home was just a trailer. That would actually be kind of awesome.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Trailer's aren't exactly common in the UK... people tend to holiday in 'static caravans', but only the last dregs of the 'traveller' community would live in them.

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