Sleepover In The Batcave!: Batmobile Bed And Furniture

February 26, 2015


This is the Batmobile bed and furniture set ($875) made and sold by Etsy shop ShortysCreations01. It's not the most amazing Batmobile bed I can imagine (I'm imagining something with an alarm and flamethrowers to keep my little sister out of my room), but it's better than the race car bed I had when I was a kid. Because I didn't have a race car bed wihen I was a kid. I had a loft bed with no guardrails and rolled out of bed in the middle of the night ALL THE TIME. You know what it's like to wake up falling? It sucks. Especially if you land on a LEGO castle.

Thanks to Swallow, who sleeps in a nest like a normal bird.

  • Richard H Sanford

    Ah, so that's how batman entices little boys into his batcave.

  • C-Basstian

    Oh and the ovals on the bat symbols aren't even uniform? Who would buy this??

  • Jenness

    Clueless rich parents who don't realize that by the time the bed is delivered their kid will be 'so over' batman and the color yellow ...oh and now they hate you.

  • C-Basstian

    Wow.. for nearly a grand you can buy a bed with a shitty name tag on it.. Jesus just look at the lettering. I work in print and this quality would be laughed at. The guy clearly was eyeballing it and ran out of room. Rather than start over he just left it. Bad form sir.. bad form.

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