Peanut Butter Jellyfish Time: Scientists Successfully Feed Moon Jellyfish A Peanut Butter Diet

February 13, 2015


Aquarists P. Zelda Montoya and Barrett L. Christie at the Dallas Zoo and Children's Aquarium successfully blended creamy peanut butter with salt water and fed it to moon jellyfish. Why? I'm not sure, presumably just so they could say they raised peanut butter jellyfish. WORTH IT.

Worry not for the experimental jellies: They scarfed the peanut-butter protein out of their tanks and actually grew about 0.2 inches (4 millimeters) in 8 days. They also took on a brownish hue thanks to "peanutbutterocity," the aquarists wrote. Goofy as the experiment was, peanut butter is a potential source of protein for jellies, fish and other aquarium residents, Montoya and Christie wrote.

So peanut butter is a potential source of protein for aquarium residents? INTERESTING. Apparently it's also a potential source of protein for apartment residents because I've been living off of PB&J sandwiches for years now. You know what I had for lunch today? "Peanut butter and jelly?" Close -- Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Thanks to my childhood pal Michael B, who agrees just because you can seems to be the reason for doing pretty much anything these days.

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