Oldschool 8-Bit Superhero Bedding For Adult Sized Beds

February 24, 2015


This is the Pixel Nostalgia Duvet Cover available from Society6 seller Boo! Studio. It has a bunch of oldschool 8-bit superheroes printed on it and costs $89 for a full size, $99 for a queen, and $129 for a king. The same print is also available as throw pillows or a rug in case your bed is actually a pile of crushed egg cartons like mine is. And before you go making a joke about how hard it's gonna be for some nerd to get laid in a bed covered in 8-bit superheroes, just realize I'm a nerd that gets laid in a pile of crushed egg cartons. Just think about that. Not too long though, because it can get depressing quick.

Keep going for a shot of the print.


Thanks to James, who agrees dark colored comforters are best because they help hide pee stains.

  • Jenness

    Or as they should be rightfully names "No-Sex Sheets".

    Can't imagine any woman who isn't a freak being led into a bedroom where the bed looks like this not being instantly creeped out. Unlike men who will bang a chick surrounded by dolls and stuffed animals provided she is completely smoking hot and crazy - most females have this "OMG he's a little boy..ewwwww" alarm and this would set it...off.

  • TheOtakuX

    I've gotten laid with My Little Pony bedsheets (and posters, and dolls, and curtains...). People should have no problem with these.

  • So you're saying I'm a freak.

  • Jenness

    Yes. Yes I am.

  • TheOtakuX

    I don't think the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister), Johnny Bravo, Dexter, or Dee-Dee are superheroes...
    Surprised to see Masked Rider, though.

  • Those take me back to when I was a kid.
    And now I feel old.

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