News Crew Captures Video Of Purple UFO In Lima, Peru

February 27, 2015


This is a video from a newscast in Lima, Peru, that is interrupted when the crew spots a UFO hovering in the distance and starts filming that instead. Come get me you bug-eyed anus lovers, I dare you!

A few eyewitnesses say the UFO was around for almost two hours. They further said the object was disc-shaped and appeared purple at the centre. Zoomed in image of the object revealed the UFO had a bright purple centre; but the extreme right was almost black, while the other side was a darker shade of purple. The edges also "appeared to be dynamic, changing in size," Inquistr reports.

Even though the UFO was filmed by the crew, there is no footage of the mysterious object leaving the area. Thus, how it vanished from the area also needs to be answered.

God willing, the mothership will return this weekend and lay waste to humanity so animals can rule the planet. Will dinosaurs evolve again? I THINK SO. After all, evolution is cyclical. Back me up, Darwin! "No, it's not." Darwin -- I thought we talked about this. You may have been smart in the 1850's, but this is 2015, I am the NEW smart. "You've failed every science class you've taken." SCIENCE WASN'T READY FOR ME.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Trevor F, who would have stolen a rocket, launched himself into the UFO's docking bay, and demanded the aliens take him with them when they leave.

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