New Catfish Species Named After Greedo From Star Wars

February 11, 2015


Meet Peckoltia greedoi, a newly described species of suckermouth catfish recently discovered in Brazil. It's discoverers Jonathan W. Armbruster, David C. Werneke, and Milton Tan of the University of Auburn decided to name it after Greedo from Star Wars because it KINDA looks like him and at least one of which is clearly majoring in being a Star Wars nerd. Personally, I don't care what I discover, if I discovered it, I'm naming it after myself. I'M GONNA BE A STAR. Literally -- I'm going to discover a star. Oooh, there's one! "That's the sun." No, that's GW's Magic Lightball now.

Thanks to Melissa S, who discovered a new species of dust bunny and vowed to start vacuuming more often.

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