My Sand Castle Demands It: Octopus Tentacle Chandeliers

February 3, 2015


This is a series of octopus tentacle chandeliers crafted by artist Adam Wallacavage. You may recall these previous versions from 2013. I want one. But I want it to look as lifelike as possible. And I want the tentacles to wiggle. Actually, if we could just flood my dining room and have real octopuses carrying torches around during supper that would be awesome. Anybody here know magic? I'm not talking card tricks I'm talking the actual dark arts. "I've read the entire Harry Potter series four times and own the movies." Wow, that might seriously be the most Muggle shit I've ever heard.

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Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best chandeliers aren't chandeliers at all -- they're natural lighting coming from a window.

  • Jenness

    Cute but seriously, the demographic for people into this very specific motif must be rather limited - I mean why ONLY Octopus tentacles, surely there could be jellyfish tentacles with the danglies, spiderlegs, all sorts of creepy but chandelier'y things

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I feel like my dinning or living room are not adequate to house those chandeliers...

  • WronglyRabbit

    Looks like I found a new mobile for my infants crib. The way he wriggles those arms and legs he has to be a little Cthulu spawn.

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