My Hat Is Awesome!: Adventure Time Themed Dr. Martens

February 16, 2015


This are the Adventure Time themed Dr. Martens coming out next month (available for pre-order in both men's and women's HERE). They cost $130 - $150 depending on the style and come in Jake, Finn, and little pictures of both. I have never owned a pair of Dr. Martens. Or JNCOs. I did have a Hypercolor shirt and a shit-ton of slap bracelets though. AND Airwalk high tops. I was the coolest kid in fourth grade. Okay, I THOUGHT I was the coolest kid in fourth grade. Fine, but I at least felt like I was in the top half of cool kids. Ugh, I knew I was a loser. I've always struggled with self confidence.

Keep going for more shots of them all.







Thanks to Lindsey, who is trying to bring back jelly shoes. Aww, Lindsey -- jellies never went out of fashion.

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