Master Of Camouflage: Octopus Appears Out Of Nowhere

February 3, 2015


To continue with the last two posts' enchantment under the sea theme, this is a short video of a snorkeler getting surprised by an octopus that blows its cover and reveals itself after the diver gets too close. Man, he was hiding GOOD. Like, I would never play hide-and-seek with an octopus because those f***ers are CRAFTY. An octopus could be right in front of you and you wouldn't even know it. Is this laptop really an octopus? MAYBE. *poking at keys* I mean, it doesn't feel like what I'd imagine an octopus would feel like, but I've never touched one before so how can I be sure? "YOUR LAPTOP IS NOT AN OCTOPUS." Shhhhhhh, there there, Inky, don't listen to the bad man.

Keep going for the video, and don't forget to visit our sister site Hedonisitica for more sweet-ass videos like this one.

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