Man Sees Meteor While Driving, Does Not Care

February 11, 2015


This is a super short dashcam video of New Zealander Josh Sherborne on his way to the gym when he sees a meteor. He...does not react (previously: this Russian guy who just casually puts his sun-visor down). Me? I would have opened the door and rolled out into the highway at 60MPH begging the aliens to take me with them quicker than my passenger could say, "Wait -- that was just a street light!"

Keep going for the video, or go watch it over at Hedonistica, which I will continue to remind you of until you're visiting regularly because gambling habits don't pay for themselves. I mean, unless you're lucky, which I am not.

  • Gsxr Superbike

    wuts he posed to do fap one out? he's motoring to werk, and this is old news, that was the ruissia meteorite that broke windows created power outages 2 years ago almost to date

  • Guest

    Nah, there is a time stamp that dates it to earlier this week. Also, this is in New Zealand.

  • Luka Mlinar

    I her a womanish "Huuh!" at the end of the video. So that's a reaction right there.

  • Stannis

    He went oooo at the end. What's he supposed to do? Stop the car and dance in the street?

  • Lucas

    Probably didn't react cause he was texting while driving.

  • Michael Knight

    he obviously cared enough to upload the video....

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Why do you say... ? The video cuts before reaction time. O_o

  • kicknhobo

    Wheres the gay sex?

  • Michael Knight

    in yer dad's mouth... zing!

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