Man Gets Part Of Nose Cut Off, Extreme Face Modification To Look Like Marvel's Red Skull

February 5, 2015


Meet 37-year old Venezuelan man Henry Damon. Henry has had face implants, tattoos, and the end of his nose cut off to look more like Captain America's arch-nemesis, Red Skull. Obviously, he is really going for it. I like a person who isn't afraid to commit. Like, you could half-ass it and just buy a Red Skull mask to wear on Halloween, but Henry here has decided to MAKE THAT MASK PERMANENT. That is dedication. Next Henry plans on getting silicon implants in his cheekbones, chin and cheeks and have his entire face dyed red. Then his transformation will be complete. Henry is married with a young son, and says his family respects his decision, although I have the sneaking suspicion his son may have stopped asking daddy to tuck him in at night.

Thanks to Roger GA, who wants to look like Ghost Rider. Heck yeah, I've always wanted to set my head on fire too.

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