Make It A Reality: Artist Imagines A Studio Ghibli Themed Amusement Park

February 10, 2015


Note: Much more enjoyable high-res version HERE.

This is Tokyo Ghibli Land, a make-believe Studio Ghibli themed amusement park (links to site with details about each attraction on the map) imagined by Japanese artist Takumi. So far he's detailed an overview of the park and rides, and plans to design food menus and merchandise next. Wow, sounds like a real labor of love. My labor of love? This. "A macaroni portrait of a t-rex?" Pretty amazing, right? Guess how much time I've spent on it. "Definitely not more than 15 minutes." TRY OVER 4,000 HOURS. "Jesus, what takes so long?" Waiting to pass each piece of macaroni individually.

Thanks to IFeelSick, who clearly ignored my advice to make chicken noodle soup and post up on the couch and watch Netflix for the past two days. Wow, I bet you went out drinking again, didn't you?

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